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What exactly is an item?

An ‘Item’ is a single research screen of iCode™ survey where Response Time is measured – it consists of an attribute (a statement) and usually a stimulus (e.g. a brand, product, ad) but it might consist of the statement alone. To calculate the number of items in the survey, simply multiply the number of tested elements (e.g. brands, packages, ads) by the number of statements/attributes that describe the tested element. If there is no stimulus tested then the number of items is equal to the number of statements.

For example 1 element (e.g. brand, package) tested on 1 statement (e.g. high quality, modern) is 1 item,
1 element x 10 statements = 10 items,
2 elements x 5 statements = 10 items,
3 elements x 10 statements = 30 items. 
You can also see the number of items, the price and the estimated duration of the survey at any stage of the study.

Updated on 16 October 2019

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