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Video and sound test

By enabling this option an additional questions will be presented to a respondent to check if the video and sound were played correctly.

Before first wideo will appeare single choice question during which a looped recording will be palyed from the speakers:

To pas to the study repoondent must give corect answer for the question:

What sound do you here?

The order of the answers is rotated
If the respondent gives the wrong answer, appears message Please be correct.

If the respondent gives the wrong answer for the second time, he will be redirected to the Screen out Institution.
After giving the right answer, respondents will be redirected to the rest of the study.
After each video appears the question “Was the video displayed correctly?”

If the respondent marked “no”, at the end of the test, will be displayed the open question: You had some issues with video. Please describe what kind of issues did you have.

The answer to the question is saved in the XLS report report in the following form:
a) Column name: “video_check” – video name – that is how the user called the movie file (stimulus) when creating the test.
b) Variable values: 1-yes, 0-no

Updated on 25 June 2019

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