Survey stages


If you haven’t finished designing your survey, it will be saved as a draft version. You can go back and edit it at any time. No link to the survey is created at this stage.

Ready to go

Here you can find your survey that has a complete design but is not on-line yet. The link has been created and it allows you to check the survey, see if the variables have been passed through redirects (if you applied them). The system does not collect the data yet, so any completes will be lost. This is your final checking stage. 

In progress

Once you made your survey live, you can send the link to your respondents and track the progress of data collection. The system records the data and you can check how many respondents entered or completed your survey.


Here are the completed surveys – it means that the data gathering process has reached the required sample size, the survey was stopped automatically, moved to this section and the report is ready for download.

Updated on 18 December 2018

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