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Explanation of our measurements


Indicates how many respondents agreed or disagreed with the statement.


The color code represents the reaction time score: green means high CERTAINTY (fast answers), yellow – moderate CERTAINTY and red – low CERTAINTY (slow answers). This score is an average for the given group and shows the average level of certainty which indicates the potential to convince this group.

The green bar tells us that the potential is high as there are many of those who truly believe (HI answers) and the rest of the respondents are almost certain (even if their reaction time is a bit slower).

The yellow bar suggests that the potential is moderate. Even if some are certain (HI answers), the attitudes of the rest of the group are not as certain or there are some doubts.

The red bar means that the potential is low as even if there are some of those who truly believe in what they say (HI answers) the rest have some serious doubts.


LSS includes nine levels and has been created in accordance with the NEUROHM RT Benchmark Database which has been generated for many years. Numerous studies from various cultures have been taken into account. The index has a range from 0 to 1000. The higher the value the faster the speed of an answer, thus the higher implicit emotional accessibility or certainty of the explicit rational opinion. Those ranges generate the simplified LSS scores, as this was created to increase the interpretation capabilities.

  • The levels 1 and 9 occur very rarely and indicate the unique phenomena of ultimate uncertainty (Level1) or certainty (Level 9).
  • Levels 2 and 3 indicate that respondents are, respectively, very uncertain or uncertain regarding their declared opinion about a brand, product, ad, service or any tested stimuli.
  • Level 5 indicates an average reaction speed, a slightly negative (Level 4) or positive (Level 6) tendency can also be observed.
  • Levels 7 and 8 indicate that respondents are, respectively, certain or very certain regarding their declared opinion.
  • Moreover, Levels 8 and 9 indicate that an attitude is very or extremely strong and it can be subscribed to lovemarks (in case of positive answers) or hatemarks (in case of negative answers).

Please find below detailed information about LSS ranges.


IMP – results for the response time index (standardized implicit score).


Hi answers indicate how many respondents were truly CERTAIN about their own opinion (out of all respondents). It may indicate the core followers or core rejectors. They constitute the base of the Green color. The more HI ANSWERS the more likely the green color (a high certainty) will appear.

Updated on 31 October 2019

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