Calibration phase

The calibration phase is a crucial part of every response time survey and cannot be removed. iCode™ uses Smart Calibration which means it is adjusted to the actual study and only the necessary elements are used.

Still, every calibration consists of two parts:

  • CALIBRATION PART I – It consists of pressing the answer buttons without any cognitive load and – a purely motoric task that establishes the individual differences in speed of movement and familiarity with the device. Moreover, it also serves as a tutorial for respondents as it makes them familiar with using the scale.
  • CALIBRATION PART II – consists of just a statement and one answer button (no scale) that a respondent has to press as soon as he/she has finished reading the statement. This part is designed to test how fast respondents read statements of different lengths. It minimizes the influence of the statement length on corresponding Response Times, thus statements of different lengths can be compared.
Updated on 16 October 2019

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