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3 step instruction how to analyze results

Please find below a step by step guide about how to analyze iCode™ results.

Step 1: Compare EXPLICIT scores with the color code.

When analyzing the results, first look at EXPLICIT scores together with the color code. It shows how many respondents expressed a particular OPINION and how CERTAIN the whole group was about their own attitude. It can provide you with new insights by showing you whether respondents truly believe in their own declarations.

Step 2: Compare the LSS.

The Level Scoring System should be interpreted as a second factor to clarify more details and differences between the answers, e.g. between the results with similar percentages and the same color. In such cases LSS may indicate the difference between those answers and thus provide more precise information.

Step 3: Compare the HI ANSWERS.

The HI ANSWERS score should be interpreted as the third factor. It may provide you with useful information when you have similar percentages, the same color, and the same LSS.

Updated on 31 October 2019

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